Iowa UMC Folks Make a Difference at LEC

Posted by Phyllis and Jan Wilson

Jan 25, 2016 11:36:55 AM

Another very busy week at the Florida LEC! The Mission work team from Fort Dodge, IA United Methodist Church, consisting of Roland and Juanita Johnson, Pat Bennett, Dave Newman, and Jan and Phyllis Wilson, joined with LEC volunteers David Lytle from Lafayette, IN and Ambrose Phillips from Milford Center, OH to replace the 6000 sq. ft. ceiling of the dining room at the Florida Life Enrichment Center.


   Jan, Pat, Dave and Roland installs last 2'X2' on first 1/2..

Our goal was to remove the old, sagging 2’ x 4’tiles and replace them with 2’ x 2’tiles.  Making the project more difficult was the brittleness of the old tiles and insulation, both producing considerable amount of dust.  Another issue was to figure out how to make the 2015 support bars to mesh into the older suspension, to support the 2’ x 2’ tiles.  Fortunately we had an “Ace” on our team Roland Johnson who figured a way to trim both ends of the new 2’ support, to fit securely in the older suspension.  Even Ambrose, a retired construction contractor was pleased how well Roland’s method worked. 


It was essential we finish the project in a timely manner as guests were scheduled to be fed each day.  The dining room had a mid room divider, so this was closed before we began on the other side from the food serving lines.  The first half took 2 1/2 days to complete (Friday, 1/2 Sat. and Monday)


Capt. Tom explain the history of the river.                                    

Tuesday morning, after the guests finished their breakfast, we removed all the tables and chairs from the other half of the dining room.  We also covered the serving lines and the doorways into the kitchen.  Once these were completed – things began to happen!  In approximately 1 ½ hours all the old tile had been removed.  At lunch, the guests were served with catering equipment in the dining room portion we completed on Monday.  By 4:00 pm on Tuesday, over a 1/3 of the ceiling was completed and at 3:00 pm on Wednesday the final tile was installed!  Most of the cleanup of this area was completed by 4:00.  WHAT AN AMAZING TEAM!

During our cleanup time, Phyllis commented to Chef Albert, “You are probably glad to say good-bye to this Iowa team!”  He said, “Absolutely not!  I have never seen a volunteer group show so much cooperation.”  I think they represent what it will b e like when Jesus returns.  You will help me build my house and I will help you build yours.  We will all work together.”  Then he started to sing “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow.”  It was an amazing touching moment.



Pat and Juanita having fun trimming (hair?)                                    The amazing FUMC volunteers, ready for the flight home.


2016-01-15_09.28.13.jpg The Finished Product

In addition to the ceiling, several of the Iowa Team did trimming, weeding, and planting.  Almost every night we enjoyed playing games, favorite being Sequence!  Who won?  These same volunteers were here last year and are already planning to return next year.  Wow!  Wow!  Wow!

Jan n Phyllis

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