Teambuilding/Low Ropes Course

Let us help bring your group closer together! We can help you

  • Build community
  • Foster Trust
  • Develop leadership
  • Enhance decision-making skills
  • Practice problem-solving
  • Encourage cooperation

This experience is ideal for day groups, or to add to your group retreat experience.

Not Just for Youth!

Teambuilding initiatives aren't just for young people; some of the most successful and meaningful experiences we've seen are with adult groups. This experience is ideal for small groups, church staffs, and leadership teams, and will benefit any group who desires to improve communication and create a greater sense of common purpose.

Because the experience is so versatile and adaptable, it can be designed for any group, regardless of mobility and other limitations.


The Experience

Our trained facilitation staff can provide you with a series of challenges and initiatives that will allow the opportunity to come closer together as a group, and foster decision-making skills, problem solving, communication, leadership, self-esteem, trust, collaboration and cooperation. The experience is usually led with groups of 8-12 participants per group.

Our facilitators will work with your group to develop a program that best suits your needs and your goals.  We can focus on specific areas of growth; the experience can be led indoors, outdoors, or both, and can be adapted to any physical limitations your group or group members might have. We can even come to your site! Our facilitators are highly knowledgeable in the group processing experience, and are skilled at the art of identifying and understanding the group process.

For more information:
Tanner Smith, Program Hospitality Coordinator
(352) 787-4345 ext. 4165